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Reggie believes housing is a human right and is committed to making L.A. more affordable. In the State Assembly, he delivered billions of dollars for new affordable housing and led efforts to protect renters from abusive landlords, unfair rent increases and evictions. With the rising cost of living, Reggie will cut red tape to speed up the construction of affordable housing and fight to provide a pathway to home ownership for young people and communities of color.

Reggie knows that our City has failed to deliver real solutions to the homelessness crisis — that’s why he’s working closely with Mayor Karen Bass to cut red tape so we can build more permanent housing faster, for less money, and with support for the unhoused like mental health services, addiction treatment and job training.





Reggie is running for LA City Council to fight corruption in City Hall and restore trust for the people. Reggie has fought corruption and worked to increase transparency in government throughout his career. That’s why the corrupt City Councilmembers forced to resign were caught on tape saying they did not want him on the Council. Reggie will work to enact tough new oversight requirements to hold city officials accountable and crack down on pay-to-play by special interests so the City can more effectively deliver services to the people.

Reggie is working to make our neighborhoods safer. He led efforts to take on organized retail theft, secured major new investments to tackle California’s fentanyl crisis and helped pass new legislation to protect children from sex traffickers. Reggie has fought for common sense gun safety laws including efforts to ban assault weapons, pass stronger gun store regulations and crack down on illegal guns. And he’s secured major investments in youth violence prevention programs to keep kids in school, off the streets and out of gangs and prison.





As a union member and labor leader, Reggie is committed to economic justice and protecting the rights of workers. He has spent his career fighting for better wages and safer working conditions for essential workers. In the Assembly, Reggie worked to make community college free and protect renters from unfair rent increases and evictions. As our Councilman, he will fight to make the minimum wage a living wage so families can keep up with the rising cost of living. That’s why Reggie is supported by labor unions representing frontline workers like nurses and construction workers.

Reggie will protect women’s reproductive freedom. He has fought to protect the right to safe and legal abortions in Los Angeles and throughout California and served as the co-author of the state’s Constitutional Amendment protecting abortion access. On the City Council, Reggie will ensure Planned Parenthood and other community health clinics have the funding they need to provide affordable reproductive health care services including birth control and cancer screenings.



Climate Protest


As Angelenos have seen firsthand in the unprecedented frequency of severe droughts, elevated heat, and severe fires, the damage from climate change isn’t in the future, it’s here now. In the Assembly, Reggie has led the effort to tackle climate change in California by expanding renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. As our Councilmember, he will fight to accelerate Los Angeles’s transition to clean, renewable energy in a way that empowers working families and communities of color.

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