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Everyone deserves a home. But even before the pandemic displaced so many, our region was already in the midst of a dire homelessness crisis. That’s why on the Council, Reggie will combat our homelessness crisis by providing critical services directly to those in need and building permanent affordable housing units now. We need a Housing First policy across the board where supportive services are offered to our unhoused neighbors to maximize housing stability and prevent returns to homelessness. The City isn’t moving quickly enough—Reggie has the proven record we need to solve this crisis.

We need to invest significantly more in mental health services for unhoused Angelenos and reform our criminal justice system to ensure that no one is targeted simply for not having enough resources. In the State Assembly, Reggie voted for billions of dollars in funding to provide housing to unhoused people and expand access to critical services, including:

  • Helped secure $1.3 billion for Project Home Key and Supportive Housing during the COVID-19 crisis, which has already provided housing to over 14,000 people, including over 3,600 in Los Angeles alone.

  • Worked to provide $300 million in 2020 to help local governments fight homelessness, including $125 million in state funds for the City of Los Angeles and $65 million for Los Angeles County.

  • Supported a 2019 law that invests $900 million in homelessness prevention services and prevents illegitimate appeals to the development of homeless shelters.

  • Supported a 2018 law that streamlined affordable housing projects that include supportive housing units and onsite supportive services

  • Supported a 2015 law that required that any state agency that addresses homelessness to adopt guidelines and regulations to include Housing First policies.

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